Our Mission:

Is to be advocates for Jackson Park and the citizens who utilize it. JPAC provides a forum for users of Jackson Park.

  • JPAC advises and works collaboratively with  Chicago Park District on park improvements and safety.
  • To encourage positive long range planning
  • To support Jackson Park programs
  • To seek alternative funding sources for park enhancements
  • To promote community awareness and park education
  • To provide programs that increase utilization of this beautiful resource and the site of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair
  • Provide an open forum for ecological and historical education, and a safe venue for visitors to enjoy and interact with nature.
  • Works collaboratively with Friends of the Park (JPAC was the founding PAC for Friends of the Park), to develop and support new PACs’ that improve conditions in Chicago parks
  • JPAC volunteers actively work as Stewards, planting and improving the natural areas of the park
  • Actively supporting park youth sports programs

Lively Monthly Meetings provide ecological and historical education, news and presentations from community leaders and reports from park district departments affecting our park. JPAC members may volunteer for active committees working to improve park programs, park facilities and park lands. Meetings are the second Monday of each month at the Jackson Park Field House at 6401 S. Stony Island at 7pm.

Actions and Achievements:

JPAC pioneers led the way on key park concerns prior to its founding in 1983. In 1965, Park land and trees were being sacrificed to roads. Park activists resisted with civil disobedience. Today, JPAC reviews park improvement plans and represents the community in its approval or disapproval. In 1971, park activists were instrumental in the removal of the NIKE Missile Base at the current Bobolink Meadow. In the 1980 JPAC volunteers established the Paul Douglas Nature Preserve on Wooded Island and the rebuilding of the Osaka Gardens. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, JPAC volunteers were instrumental in planning and approving the changes to Lake Shore Dr. underpasses and lake front enhancements in Jackson Park. JPAC presided over the improvements to the 63rd Street Bathing Pavilion at the 63rd Street Beach.

In 1983, with the founding of JPAC and Friends of the Park, JPAC worked with the Park District which was under a court ordered consent decree, to provide funding and services equally to all parks throughout the city, to improve conditions in Jackson Park.

Our Officers:

Louise McCurry – President,
Contact info: 773-844-2225      

Gary Ossewaarde – Secretary, Web and Newsletter Editor,
Contact Info: 773-947-9541

Anne Marie Miles – Vice President,

Dwight Powell – Treasurer,

Contact info: 773-288-4943  

Norm Bell and Gail Parry – Bobolink Meadow Stewards

Jerry Levy – Wooded Island Steward

Frances Vandervoort – Nature Trails Com. Chair.