Our Officers:

Louise McCurry – President
Phone: 773-844-2225      
Email: commissioner751@comcast.net

Gary Ossewaarde – Secretary, Web, and Newsletter Editor
Phone: 773-947-9541
Email: garyossewaarde@yahoo.com

Anne Marie Miles – Vice President
Email: milesesq@aol.com

Dwight Powell – Treasurer
Phone: 773-288-4943
Email: dpowell@frazierprep.org

Norm Bell and Gail Perry – Bobolink Meadow Stewards
Email: parrybell@comcast.net

Jerry Levy – Wooded Island Steward 
Email: sjlevy@jeromelaw.co

Frances Vandervoot – Nature Trails Committee Chair 
Email: vandersand@sbcglobal.net 

Jake Young – Social Media Manager
Email: jake.r.young@gmail.com

Committee Chairs:

Budget and Planning: Dwight Powell
Contact: dpowell@frazierprep.org

Dog Park Development: Louise McCurry
Contact:  commissioner751@comcast.net

Education and Nature Trail: Frances Vandervoort
Contact: vandersand@sbcglobal.net

Field House: Louise McCurry and Frances Vandervoort
Contact:  commissioner751@comcast.net

Membership and Newsletter: Gary Ossewaarde
Contact: garyossewaarde@yahoo.com

Park Tours: Ray Johnson, Louise McCurry, Frances Vandervoort
Contact: commissioner751@comcast.net

Recreation: Ram Nair

Safety: Kenneth Newman

Jackson Park Place: Ray Johnson