Our mission:

  • To be advocates for Jackson Park and the people who utilize it and its programs, facilities, resources, and natural areas
  • To provide a forum for users of Jackson Park
  • To advise and to work collaboratively with the Chicago Park District on park improvements, safety, and other issues
  • To encourage long range planning
  • To seek alternative funding sources for park enhancements
  • To promote community awareness and increased utilization of this beautiful resource and site of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition 

We would like the park to be: 

  • Well managed and maintained
  • Safe and healthful
  • Accessible, user-friendly, and welcoming to all
  • Favoring public over reserved use with less road impact
  • Full of prospering, unique habitats
  • Respectful of historic and special features
  • Rich in recreation and in kids and youth programs, including environmental stewardship
  • Grounded in sound planning
  • Responsive to the community

Our Bylaws (last amended March 8, 2021)