Our Officers:

Louise McCurry – President

Gary Ossewaarde – Secretary

Spencer Bibbs – Vice President

Anne Marie Miles – Treasurer

Contact: info@jacksonparkadvisorycouncil.org

Committee Chairs:

Budget and Planning: Anne Marie Miles

Dog Park Development: Louise McCurry

Special Projects and Education: Louise McCurry, Jerry Levy, Al Debonnet, Mary Anton

Field House: Louise McCurry and Mary Anton

Membership and Newsletter: Gary Ossewaarde

Park Tours: Ray Johnson, Louise McCurry, Trish Morse

Transportation: Roger Huff and Gary Ossewaarde

Recreation: Pierre Nealon

Safety: Esther Schecter

Jackson Park Place: Ray Johnson

Disc Golf: Tommy Inglis

Playgrounds: Erin Adams, Louise McCurry, Gary Ossewaarde

Bylaws: Jerry Levy, Al Debonnett, Anne Marie Miles, Mary Anton

Bobolink Meadow: Norm Bell and Gail Parry

Garden of the Phoneix Docents: Trish Morse and Louise McCurry

Volunteer Workdays: Louise McCurry, Jay Franke, Tommy Inglis, Rochelle Morris

Dragon Fly Education: Rochelle Lodder

Wooded Island: Jerry Levy

LaRibida Communications: Rodney Morris

Make Music: Andy Carter

Website/Social Media: Spencer Bibbs, Ray Johnson, Tommy Inglis

Park Photography: Spencer Bibbs

Swimming and Boating Education: Anne Marie Miles

Park Trails: Mary Anton

Community Engagement: Al Debonnett

Little Libraries: Erin Adams